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Psychic Medium -* On Hiatus *-
**I'm not doing Sessions at this time.**

On Hiatus - 

Sadly, I'm not doing Sessions at this time.
Check back for updates, please.

On Hiatus - No Sessions at the Time. Check back for Updates.

Psychic Medium~ ~ I am Not Able to Do Sessions at this Time

On Hiatus -
Sadly, I am not able to do Sessions now.
Check back for updates, please.

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Kim is a clairvoyant and highly empathic intuitive counselor and healer.  She is able to perceive your life scripts and passions.  She's also able to perceive illusions of blocks & challenges:  identify erroneous belief systems (dysfunctional information on those "old tapes", as well as information we've misunderstood, mistranslated, or mis-stored in our own personal archives), as well as past lives that are limiting your ability to express your Divine Plan and live your dreams.

Kim and The Guides will give you information & techniques so you can clear your blocks, balance your energy centers and connect with your Higher, Magnificent Self, and your own intuition.

Kim & The Guides will give you insight which  allows you to  shift and clear energetic patterns and illusions which  no longer serve you, so you can get on with clearly co-creating your dreams into Reality, accepting your creations, and living the Life you've envisioned for this Lifetime.

Most people feel renewed, rejuvenated, reinvigorated with balance, hope, and intent - in other words, Empowered and in balance with their Authentic Self.  Kim's greatest desire is for people to recognize, and live, their personal version of Magnificent Self!


Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Mystagogue, Claircognizant Empath, Teacher, Healer, Intuitionist & Intuitive Life Counselor ~ 7th generation Psychic and Medium Testimonials


Intuitive Guidance for Body, Mind, & Spirit professional since 1970                             


 I've been doing readings & "seeing dead people" since at least my earliest memory.  I was 15 before I found out everyone didn't use their intuition, just as they used their sight, touch, or hearing!  

And then my response was, "Why not?!!!!"   

My mom's side of the family talked with friends & relatives on "The Other Side" as much as with people still in their bodies.  I was always hearing a Great Aunt said something prophetic or led us to answers or uncovered lost things. I had my own set of 'playmates' as far back as I can remember, and Mom was always interested in what they had to say.  

 By the time I was two, my mom was practicing telepathy with me, at the kitchen table, using a deck of cards.  Since all the neighborhood moms played cards during the day, I just assumed they all 'played telepathy' with their daughters after dinner.  

What a surprise when I discovered otherwise!  

After I finally realized (at 15) that everybody didn't use their sixth sense, I couldn't find a "good answer" to why that would be.

My dad wasn't receptive, despite having readers and seers in both the Celtic and Native American branches of the family tree.

I must have been in my mid-20's when I found out that there was a trick to the elaborate childhood "magic" game of finding a friend's chosen card out of the deck; I'd always used telepathy and psychometry . . . . and after I learned the math-based trick, I concluded using my sixth sense was easier!

Intrigued, I immediately started my (still on-going) investigation & study of metaphysics, philosophy, and humankind's Eternal Quest for spiritual connection.  

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Testimonials & Comments


"Kim gives you insights to your past, present, and future with clarity, compassion, and humor. She has always kept the ability to communicate with the Other Side, so has always been a natural Spirit Medium for those who have crossed over to the Other Side. " - J.P. - Taos, NM 1996  

"I studied under Kim for a couple of years, and then interned with James van Praagh for a session.  James didn't do anything that Kim doesn't do; he didn't teach us any thing or any technique Kim hadn't already taught me.  The only real difference is Kim didn't want to be on TV!" - K.R., San L, CA

"While having a reading focused on completely different things, Kimberly told me my body didn't like green peas.  My allergist had never had anyone sensitive to them, but sure enough!  I am!  He never would have tested me for them if she hadn't seen it in my reading!  I feel so much better now!  Finally!" - S.S., CA  

"Kim is a gifted spiritual intuitive clairvoyant, medium and teacher!" - B.R. Reno, NV 1995

I am so grateful and I love your readings! I look forward to more readings in the future. As my life transforms I will always remember that your readings were part of my life as it guided me to success through the information and your insight. Sincerely, your friend L.E.

I was thinking about you this morning, thinking how lucky I am to have someone with your insight to help walk along the road less traveled. -G. 

Goddess Kim,
You have so much great wisdom to share with the world as a Teacher & Healer. I have been so blessed to have you as my Spiritual Teacher. -S. A.

"I watch Lisa Williams all the time, and Kim's readings are as good as hers, as detailed as hers!" - K.W., Livermore, CA

I already know many people who will want you to do not know how right on you were with me.  D.  Sonoma


Hi Kim,I am looking forward to hearing the tape. There is so much you said that I want, and need, to hear again. You have an incredible gift that I expect leaves many of your clients walking on air after readings! - T. May 2009

Oh my, so great to spend time with you. your stories always inspire me and stay with me for some time afterwards. i appreciate you and your wise-sparkly-self so much! - V. 

Kim is clairvoyant and clairaudient. She makes her home in Northern California and does reading via phone and in person. This is her primary business. Being dedicated to helping others, she also hosts a monthly group that focuses on enhancing individual phsychic abilities. She has a wonderful balance of empathy, compassion and strength. What I love most about her is that she see people as their "possibility" not their limitations. It would be wonderful and generous of you if you directed folks to her that also needed to realize how much power and choice they had in their lives; Kim would be of great help to them. D. May 2009  

Hiatus - Chronic Migraine Disease - and Disclaimer

I LOVE to do Readings and see where you & your Guides take us!  I would prefer to do many readings every day, but 

I will not do a Session during a migraine because I will not risk giving you an inferior Session.  
I am currently unable to do any Sessions due to the Chronic Migraine Disease.  I have been declared Disabled due to the disease, and until & unless that changes, I will not be able to do Sessions.

Feel free to check back here for updates.

I appreciate that you know that a migraine is not just the "headache" ` it affects the entire body & the "electrical system", so obviously affects the quality of the Reading (or makes me not able to Read at all).  

I absolutely will not give you an inferior Reading, or risk giving you  incomplete information that could be worse than no information.  


Services are not intended as medical, legal, or other advice or a replacement for professional treatment or consultation.

***  If you are experiencing physical or psychological problems, 

consult a medical professional. ***


Posted:  We have the right to refuse or terminate service at any time to anyone at our, or The Guides', discretion.  


 For legal purposes, services and site are for entertainment only. Services are available only to adults age 18 and over. Payment must be received before service is delivered. Every effort is made to provide the clearest and most helpful information but accuracy cannot be guaranteed, nor is any guarantee of results or particular outcome implied. Content of a reading varies by nature of question(s), topic(s), requester, and particular situation, and energies. Kim and Kim Kristiansson's Whispers in the Winds take no responsibility for guidance (implied, assumed, or otherwise); how you apply the information provided is solely determined by you, and you are solely responsible for any risks and results of doing so. By requesting a reading (including free readings), you agree to indemnify Kim and her business Kim Kristiansson's Whispers in the Winds from all legal claims (libel, defamation, breach of privacy, intellectual property, or otherwise) and from any and all liabilities and expenses, including any and all legal expenses. Posted: We have the right to refuse or terminate service at any time to anyone at our, or The Guides', discretion. By booking a reading, you agree to these terms.    

All sessions are for adults of 18 years or older.  All information is offered for personal and entertainment purposes and is not intended at any time to replace the advice, counsel or recommendation of any medical, psychological, legal or financial expert or any other professional service. Mediumship and Psychic work is experimental in nature and the information imparted during a session is open to interpretation.  Clients are advised that they have free will at all times to make their own choices and  Kim Kristiansson nor Kim Kristiansson's Whispers in the Winds shall not be held responsible for the actions they may or may not take as a result of their session.

Services are not intended as medical, legal, or other advice or a replacement for professional treatment or consultation.

***  If you are experiencing physical or psychological problems, 

consult a medical professional. ***